not FF yet ...

How ... odd.

The Diva is a bit under the weather today and is home. Currently, her snotty, coughing self has finally fallen into something resembling a nap, and I am trying to catch up. What I am doing instead is posting on the blog and watching the Brini Maxwell show, which is very, very strange. It's part helpful hints, part skewering of Martha Stewart. With a drag queen. And a fabulous costume design. And a segment introduced by name-dropping the Unibomber. Don't know If I'll ever watch it again, but it is worth experiencing once. But just once.

Shameless self promotion: new stuff up at Bookslut: my take on the upcoming Hugos: Hugos and Oblivion.

Also: the divine Miss Melissa has a column up at Austinmama. It's good stuff.


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