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It is now official. Documents have been signed by all of the folk who must sign them. Copies have been registered with the appropriate governing bodies. And all is in order. And, so, the skinny:

Hillbilly Gothic, a memoir by yrs trly about families and babies and Appalachia (but funny, in the way that I am funny), will be published by The Free Press , a division of Simon and Schuster, in early '06. The finished manuscript is due May 1, which should make the next few months really interesting. If you see me running about in circles, wearing nothing but some fuzzy bunny slippers and hugging a laptop, know that I have not lost my mind, but am hard at work making the magic happen. Or something like that.

Other bits --

000_0070 Thanks Secret Pal!

Neil Gaiman's "A Writer's Prayer" is online in MP3 form. The last verse is worth the download time.

The Learning Channel has started showing Peep and the Big Wide World at 8 a.m. Not only is the theme song by Taj Mahal and the narration by Joan Cusack, the show is wet-your-pants funny, even if you are not a toddler. Allegedly, it also teaches kids about science, which I can sorta see, but it also teaches them about whimsy, animation and creativity. While those qualities may not be as fundamentally lucrative as science, they also contribute to a nice, well-rounded offspring or, at the very least, one who thinks ducks are amusing.


Bravo! Braveaux! Bravissimo! w00t!

And congratulations!


Congratulations and best of luck! I'll be rooting for you.


(Sorry it's a little belated)

I hope as your Secret Pal that I'll be able to get a signed copy when it comes out? Please??? :-)

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