How do you spell relief?

New York in August. Woo.

Just got back from The Big City, which takes longer to get to than I'd thought. We did, however, drive to Croton-Harmon, which was ~4 hours, then took the train in, which was another hour. There has got to be a better way.

Regardless, it was more a business trip than a pleasure trip, although the Hub and the Diva came along. The Diva did quite well -- and the train was the best thing ever, in her eyes. She also pointed out every last bus and fire truck to us during our stay and would wave to passing New Yorkers as we strolled along the city's sidewalks. Surprisingly, most of the folks waved back.

It did, however, drizzle almost the entire time we were there, which scrapped grander plans of romping about Central Park. Walking anywhere was just damp and unpleasant, but we did make it to the Toys 'R Us, where we had a big time watching the Ferris Wheel and staring at the life-style Dora and Boots and Blue. By about 11 a.m., tho, she seemed to just fall into an overload coma. There was no crying or tantrums, just eyes the size of bagels, and the Diva was quiet as a snowstorm.

At noon, I lunch with the Editor and had a big time my own self. It seems like an awesome match, frankly. Contracts went back in the mail today. I am still dumbfounded, frankly -- but thrilled.

While I did take a camera, the battery died after just a few shots. Oooops.

Next weekend, Maine, which promises to be more scenic. And, yes, I plan to buy more batteries.


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