the picture fairy
oh, Andy.

electing a pres, more.

It can't be a good sign that I've started to obsessively check Slate's Election Scorecard. I just want to know if I'm going to have to look into Canadian citizenship. It's good to plan ahead, right?

Perhaps the only upside to this presidential nail-biter is that I live in New York State, which has been locked up for Kerry since the summer. And while I think Kerry is a good thing and all, the real perk is that we haven't been subjected to any campaign ads. I pity the folks in swing states who are being bombarded by them. Not sure how one copes with living with the attacks on a quarter-hourly basis. I suppose you drink heavily.


I had intended to mail out your final SP2 package today. I really did. However... I got to work and realized that I accidentally left the package in the trunk of my car, which is sitting in the public transit parking lot. I promise it'll be in the mail tomorrow!

just be glad you don't live in Texas, the bush-worshippin' state. be very, very glad.

Actually, I lived in Austin during the Ann Richards/Dubya governer's election. It was soooooo not fun. But soon it will end. Soon.

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