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Friday Five

Because the debate is making me a little crabby, I instead chose to do the Friday Five. Maybe it'll save me from grinding my teeth to little tiny nubs. The Friday Five and Jessi Klein's blog on CNN may be the only thing that saves me from a trip to the dentist.

Dan asks:

In all your life's travels, what are your five favorite spots that you'd most like to visit again to be able to share the spot with friends/family? Was it the place itself or the experiences you had there?

1 and 2 and 3) The Edinburgh Castle and the rest of the city. Scott and I went there a few years ago and it was one of the most amazing places I've been. On its face, it's really just a big-ass castle in the middle of a city, but something about the place just felt resonant. Could have just been me. Not far from the Castle is Arthur's Seat, which we climbed, expecting to see something throne-like. While the absence of an actual seat (even a wee outhouse would have reassuring), the view is spectacular, the day was gorgeous and the heather was in bloom. Since we'd rented a car (and drove through the haunting Borders), we stayed outside of Edniburgh in Peebles, a tiny town that seems to consist mostly of sheep and churches. It was a magical trip through unforgettable country.

4) The Mission Walk in San Antonio. I've written about this before and shant go into it again, but, wow.

5) There are a lot of smaller trips that leap to mind. A drive through the Catskills is always nice, as is a weekend in Asheville, NC. Transcendant? No. But certainly pleasant. And good places to get away from Dubya's whining drone.

And now I must vent my ire. Grrrrr. Is it time to vote yet? Let's just cut to the vote, please.

Friday Fivers at left. They, like Iraq, are harboring no WMDs. That I know of, that is. That Lipscomb guy should probably have his pants checked, tho.


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