oh, Andy.
i wanna be sedated

yesterday was a fine day

First, the child got to romp in the huge pile o' leaves:
100_0368 100_0376 100_0366

Second, I got caught up on a couple of knitting projects -- the Everyday Cardi is blocking as we speak and I finished a very late birthday gift for a friend, who will receive said gift today -- and got a few papers graded.

Third, and most wonderfully, my Secret Pal struck again. Her final gift was a doozy.


Enclosed are some nifty gadgets that I'd always eyeballed but never committed to, a copy of EZ's Knitting Without Tears (which is an amazing reference that I'd wanted for quite a while), and a stunning silk scarf kit from Habu Textiles.

(Forgive the picture. We're having a low-light day here.)

Two attempts to capture the color. It's really somehere in between. And sooooooft.

100_0387 100_0388

Again I must say, thanks Secret Pal!

Leaves and swag. Sweet.


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