bees and wheels
running in place to stand still


Still fluctuating between wild cycles of depression and despair w/r/t the whole election thing. Part of me is all like "Game on;" part wants to move to Canada. Frankly, most of me wants those parts to just shut the heck up so that I can simply crawl into bed, pull the covers up and not come out until 2008.

There are some things that help. Like this, which is really just one big primal scream that includes gratuitous references to orange juice. As a person who spent the last decade living in red states, I can honestly say that this screed hits the mark with tear-jerking accuracy while totally missing the point. It's still satisfying on a number of levels, however.

The most helpful has been Making Light. Sunday's post was both soothing and infuriating. This bit gets me:
It’s not just you, either. I’m entirely out of patience with Americans whose whimpering plaint is that we Democrats brought this on ourselves because it hurt their feelings when we acted like we think they’re stupid.
To this I say: Oh, malarkey.

Ms Nielsen Hayden then goes on to brilliantly dissect this argument, which she always does with panache. But I think she's leaving something out. The same folks who are crushed that the Democrats hurt their feelings by insulting their intelligence are the same folk who voted on "moral values," a statement that implies that Democrats have no moral values. It's this kind of more-pure-than-thou argument that sticks in my craw. Those with moral values don't vote for an administration that fucks over anyone who is different from them, be they gay or old or poor.

Grrrrr. I should go lay down again, maybe have a nice cup of chamomile tea. Or some orange juice.


FTS. Oh, so perfect, so perfect. Thank you!

By god, you're right. I'd missed that angle.

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