a warning

oh, the irony

I wonder if all Kerry-supporters (and, like me, not-Bush supporters) found this little item on their Amazon.com recommended lists yesterday. How does that wily Amazon know these things about us?


Life, of course, goes on. I really don't fucking understand why the bulk of the American electorate like being lied to. Of course, I am also one of the blue state intellectual elite who, therefore, is deeply suspect because I also know the right way to say "nuclear." All I can think of is that people are really, really scared right now and are looking for something to protect them, whether that be devout (if misguided) faith in a God, moral values (which means that gays can't marry but that we can bomb the crap out of anyone we're frightened of) and a smirking puppet whose strings are being pulled by some very scary men. Four more years of this. Woo.

Which doesn't mean that it ends here. And for those who are despondent, I say this: have a nice stiff drink and get involved on a local level. Work to change something near you and you'll feel much, much better. You don't stop playing even when you discover that the game is rigged, especially when it's the only game you've got.

(Added later, after the coffee kicked in--

Two links, both gacked from boingboing.net:

Jesusland and the Purple States.


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