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First -- New column up at Austinmama about why I'm not the go-to gal on holidays.

Second -- Even if I didn't have an emormous crush on Ewan McGregor, the armchair traveler in me would still be dead chuffed with Long Way Round, McGregor and pal Charley Boorman's 20,000 mile motorcycle journey. I think being British helps when you're circling the globe with a cameraman. These two remind be of my all-time favorite traveling Python Michael Palin, if Palin were 30 years younger and able to grow a Grizzly Adams-style beard. There seems to be a personable-ness that these three share, as well as a willingness to experience life as it happens.

Third --Speaking of armchair travel, new season of The Amazing Race kicks off tonight. I'm already popping the corn.


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