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word for the year

An acquaintance of mine in Austin had a New Year's tradition that I've co-opted. Each year, he and his partner would pick a word that they would keep in mind for the year to come. My word from last year was patience. It worked out well. Lots of things fell into place because I finally stopped trying to make them happen. It's a good word and one that's still important.

This year's word is "create." Creation is not something I was big on in 2004. While there was the occasional essay or review, I spent much more time dealing with tests, lectures and students. Not a bad thing, but not as fulfilling as making stuff that may last for longer than a semester. In 2005, I have to finish one book by May 1 and a baby by sometime in July. I intend to also finish another book, which is the trashy space opera I've been toying with for years. But I don't want to finish for the sake of finishing, if that makes sense. I want to enjoy the journey more. We'll see how that works out.

And your word?


my word for the year:


i swear by the gods of woodland fruit that lingon will land on your doorstep...hopefully before next thanksgiving.

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