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Given that the Easter season is upon us again, I'd like to take a minute to thank the person who invented robin's eggs, those delightful candy-coated, chocolate-covered, malted-milk oviods that appear every year. I'd also like to curse the same genuises. Every year I eat so many of them I can't get over the queasiness until Easter comes around again.

For the record, I do the same think with those candy corn pumpkins that appear at Halloween. And I used to do the same thing with McDonald's Shamrock shakes, but they seem to have stopped making them and have taking the issue out of my hands.

Also for the record, I didn't realize that Easter was coming up -- we're not exactly religious folk in this little house -- until I saw said candy. The best thing about the holiday is an excuse to make a ham. Some celebrate with a trip to church. Others do it with food.

Anyway, I bring up the robin's eggs because they came in handy when I was stuck on the phone with Time-Warner tech support. See, I'd called earlier in the day to see how much it would be to add the Tennis Channel to our line-up. ($60 a year is more than I'm willing to pay, frankly). The customer service rep discovered, tho, that if we made a tiny switch in our plan, it would save us $10 a month. So she made the change. Which is when the modem stopped working.

I didn't realize this until I'd hung up the phone. I did all of the sensible things that one does. I unplugged everything, then plugged it back in. Nada. I waited a bit in the hopes that it would just go away. It didn't. So I called tech support -- and spent the next half-hour either on hold or explaining to the guy that no, I hadn't actually done anything, that the system worked just fine until I ended the earlier call. I had plenty of time to eat far too many robin's eggs. Now I am woozy. But at least the frickin' modem works again. So there's that.


I nearly got arrested at a McDonald's in Canton, Michigan when my demands for a Shamrock Shake were met with blank stares. Leave it to a gigantic corporation to stop selling the only thing worth consuming from their pernicious menu.

I know what you mean. Several years back, Peanut Butter Snickers were different from the way they are now - the wrapper was different, and the peanut butter innards had more peanuts and nougat. Much better than the abominations they sell now.

M&M/Mars is trying to Gaslight me, but I know what candy I liked, and this ain't it.

And then there's Doo-Dads. A thousand curses upon the goat-raping bastards at Nabisco for discontinuing Doo-Dads!

What, BTW, is/was a Shamrock Shake?

Hrm. How to describe a Shamrock shake...they're a lot like a regular vanilla shake, but not quite as sicknigly sweet and with a hint of mint. Plus, they were this strange light green color that is generally reserved for bad bridesmaid dresses.

I am not alone in my love for the Shamrock Shake. These guys (http://www.tiktok.org/shamrock/index.htm) started a quest to bring it back. Sadly, they don't seem to have accomplished much and the site is out of date.

There are also rumors that McDonalds in Pittsburgh and Boston -- big Irish enclaves -- never stopped selling the things, but I never seem to be in the 'burgh at the right time to test this.

I don't know that they were ever sold in the South. Could be wrong, tho.

Just emailed a blogger in Boston, who says her boyfriend buys Shamrock Shakes every year before St. Paddy's Day. She's also seen them in Chicago and Indianapolis.

That's it. I'm invading Boston. Who's with me? We ride at dawn.

Can you swing by my place and pick me up? The car's giving me problems again...

Sorry. The snow made the liberation of the Shamrock Shake kind of unfeasable today. Maybe after the thaw?

Sounds good to me. I'll bring the beer and the beef jerky for the Road Trip. What tunes do we have?

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