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why I now love Zach Braff

Last night the Hub and I watched Garden State. By the end I was in tears, in a good way. Writer/director Zach Braff has made something that is simple, amazing, potent, hysterical, lyric, romantic and memorable, without ever being too consciously arty or ironic. It should be required viewing for anyone who had a difficult time getting through their mid-20s, which would be most of the people I know who read this blog. If Garden State were a pumpkin patch, the Great Pumpkin would visit it on Halloween Night because it is the most sincere.

I was surprised to discover that Braff and the film have their own blog. I don't know why this surprised me in this era when even unborn fetuses (feti?) have a blog, but, still, it did.

Two more personal tidbits about the flick, then I'll let you get back to more exciting surfing, like looking for naked pictures of Sarah Michelle Geller or whatever.

First, my very own copy of the Garden State soundtrack would make me do my dance of glee and maybe, just maybe, post pictures of said dance of glee. Remember my birthday is in April and it is never to early to send gifts.

Second, on a more serious note, if The Book, which will be published summer 2006, should be a) any good and b) successful enough that someone wants to film it (or acquire the rights, at least), my first choice to direct would be Braff. He'd get the weird mix of dark thoughts and high comedy. I know I am really doing a whole cart-pre-horse thing, given that I should be writing The Book instead of this meandering post. I also know that the odds of a real film ever happening are slimmer than a supermodel during fashion week. I also know that no one gives a crap what the writer thinks.

Still, I just wanted to put it out there. And, now, I have. And, now, back to the salt mines.


The soundtrack is superb. :-D

That settles it. The Simon and Garfunkel song alone is worth the price. Thanks for the tip.

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