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First, the snow wasn't nearly as bad as the weatherfilk had predicted. I mean, it's not great, but it also isn't the Apocalypse. Maybe 6-7 inches last night, with a little more today. Here's the view from the front of the house:

I'd go outside to shoot some photos but, frankly, it's cold out there. So cold, in fact that Mooch shall spend the day indoors, on a mountain of sofa cushions.
Of course, I say this like it isn't what he does every damn day. Cats.

Second, at the NY Sheep and Wool fest in 2003, I picked up a skein of yarn from Decadent Fibers. I love (love!) the colorway, but wish I'd picked up two of 'em. Since it's hand-dyed, I can't get more that'll match well. Right now I have 490 yards. The mix is 55 percent wool/45 percent mohair. I don't really need another scarf.

So, given that information, what would you do with this?



felted bag of some sort. Or find a solid color yarn that compliments it somehow and make a bigger felted bag. I've got a single skein of one of my w00lsoup colorways that is similar, but mine has more purple instead of the brown/cocoa color.

I bought the same skein at the rhinebeck wool festival but in the green variety. I made a hat for my husband from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts and it seems like I have enough to make one more but haven't tried yet.

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