the trees are actually quite lovely

quilt lust

The angry chicken has done it again. I want this with enough soul-burning desire to learn how to sew already.

The Diva agrees. She's home today and looking over my shoulder. "I want that," she said. "So do I," I said. "No, I do," she said. "No, I do," she said. You can see how the conversation progressed from there.

The Motrin seems to have kicked in so she's no longer quasi-conscious on the couch and capable of speech. Still, we will be heading to the Dr. at noon, where, hopefully, he will give us some good drugs. Which, frankly, we may not need because the Doodlebops, which keep being teased on the Disney channel, look like a ver, very scary hallucinogenic experience all on their own. Is it just me or are kids' programs getting more and more creepy? Although, now that I think about it, H.R. Pufnstuf was just a tad unnerving as well, but when I was in the target demo, I looooooved it.


Having learned to sew the most basic things a couple of years ago--The Boyfriend had to teach me, how embarrassing is that?--I've been collecting quilt ideas. And I have made a couple rudiemtary ones which I've given away as gifts. (Chrissy has one. I guess if I'm brave enough to give one to my old college roommate, I think my skills must be ok. Not great, but ok.) However, these contain only straight lines; anything more complicated than that is not up my alley right now! But looking toward the future...Hm. The possibilities are mind-boggling.

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