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shameless self promotion, 204 in a series

shameless self promotion, 203 in a series

I'm back. Did you miss me?

Still digging out from under all of the crap that piled up while I was away. with that came the stunning revelation that I have one month to write 2.5 chapters and do one last run through The Book. Not panic-inducing, but a good kick in the ass. And, so, posting may be more slight than usual. Or not. It just depends, really. But you have been warned.

Before I get back to shoveling the desk off, Jennifer Niesslein and Stephanie Wilkinson have written the definitive piece about moms who write for this month's Brain, Child magazine. For what it's worth, I am quoted, as is my agent and a few writermama friends. Mostly, though, I'm linking because the writers have done a killer job of summing up where the industry seems to be right now.

But it's true that This Generation of Mothers is the first to have grown up with the women's movement of the seventies in progress. At least some of us were told from the get-go that our opinions matter, that our experiences are valid. Growing up with the same sense of entitlement as our brothers has played out in all sorts of well-documented ways (the phrase "they expect to have it all. . ."  comes up often).
One less documented way that today's women's sense of entitlement has played out is in publishing. Really, if football coaches and fishing enthusiasts could pen books about their experiences, why not mothers? And if readers could be compelled by the lives of a rich man and his friends (The Great Gatsby), or a witty, troubled teenage boy (The Catcher in the Rye), for example, why not a woman who raises her kids?

I have been lucky -- and while I am aware of how lucky I have been, I do agree that more of a "fuck- you" attitude seems to be needed right now if we want to continue to have our voices heard. But with that thought, I do have to mention how grateful I am for what I have. It's a double-edged sword, you know?

Thanks to Liz who pointed the article out to me this morning. Now I just have to figure out where to get a hard-copy of the mag in this wee little town.


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