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Tomorrow, which is Tuesday, I will be driving myself to Amherst, MA, which is about 3ish hours from here, to see the Yarn Harlot and celebrate the release of her bookbookbook. The event itself will be at the Fiber Art Center at 7 p.m., but I plan to get there early to a) shop without having to appease a wee, bored Diva and to b) get a massage, which I am treating myself to because I finished my own bookbookbook.

I'd love to meet anyone -- well, anyone not a scary stalker sort -- for food or beverage at some point in some public place. Gimme me a holler if you are a knitter (again, not scary stalker person) who wants to eat and or drink as well. At the event itself, I'll be the one who is seven months pregnant and resembles a parade balloon with really frizzy hair. No, really. I'm not being purposely unkind, just trying to get the description as accurate as possible. These last few months of gestating are never kind to one's appearance. And by that hour of the day, I'll probably look a little wiped-out as well, but blissed-out, what with the massage and the knitting.

Now I just need to remember to grab my camera....

Comments much fun was that?

what a blast last night was! i did a lot of nervous talking, but i hope everyone will forgive me for that. :) that's so awesome about your book, and i will most definitely be looking out for it. it really does sound right up my alley (though if it's on paper, online, or consists of words, it's generally up my alley).

hope you had a nice relaxing night, a leisurely breakfast, and a plesant (not too monotonous) trip back on 88.

Hey, I really enjoyed meeting you, and I hope we can meet up again at a fiber festival. Hope you had a good trip back and that the next few months are as, um, comfortable as possible. ;)

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