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New column up at This one is about my Hub's hussy, whom he shares with about nine million men in America. Let me make it clear that there are about a billion things that I do that drive him batty -- I mean, just for starters, let's just look at all of the yarn and the books -- but he is a very good guy and speaks not of them. I am not so kind, it appears. Which may also drive him batty, come to think of it, but not enough to start the divorce proceedings.

We can, however, never actually get divorced while Mooch is still alive, since we made a pact long ago that the one who started the whole legal nastiness would be forced to become his single parent. It is an amazingly defective deterrent. (Well, Mooch and the fact that we genuinely like each other and are well suited, irritating habits aside.)


My sinus/chest/phlegmy ick is back. This time, it means business. The problem, I think, is that the docs are hesitant (and rightfully so) to give me any good, strong antibiotics given my delicate condition. So what keeps happening is that the germs are merely wounded, the weak ones are killed, and the ones that remain are pissed. This, in a word, sucks. And I seem to have pulled some muscles in my ribs while coughing last night. Add that to the general pregnancy woes and, well, I wouldn't come over to our place unless you want to be whined at. I'm going to give it another day, then call my doc again.


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