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sad, but true

actual knitting content, 4

One of the perks of being this pregnant is that I lack the will to do anything but knit. It helps that there's not all that much I need to do right now -- summer is pretty slow. This isn't a good thing. If I ain't working, I ain't gettin' paid. I'm working on some small projects, but I can coast for a bit on past income, until things pick up again in late August. At which point, with the new baby and lots of work, I'll be back to complaining about being too busy. I'm like that.

Still, I'm getting a lot of knitting done while watching waaaaaay too much tennis.

Finished one pair of socks:
Yes, I know there's only one in this picture. Trust me. There are two. The second one looks just like this, but a mirror image. I don't know that I'll ever knit large-gauge cotton socks again. I find the stretching bothersome. Still, it was a worthwhile experiment.

And, yes, I am one of those people who never saw the point of knitted socks -- after all, they are pretty cheap to buy and come in a wide range of fun colors, designs and styles. Then I knitted a pair from Koigu on a whim and have become an addict. So much so that I've already started yet another pair.

These are Opal 75 wool/25 poly, which means they will wash and still be pretty sturdy. I have no idea what this colorway is called, nor am I certain if it should be making more of a pattern. I've searched the site and can't find a darn thing about this yarn. Of course, I also don't know that much German. And what little German I do know is limited to how to catch a train and the name of the engineer's top button, which actually has a different name from all of his other buttons. Ah, Germany. (FWIW -- the ball band says Farbe 7 and Partie 22.)

I am also working on the Nemo blankie.



In the bottom shot, you can see the peonies, which just came out in full force. I'd like to take credit for them, but they were planted by the house's previous owner. All I did was not yank them out. Other than that, they seem to thrive on neglect, like any good plant should.


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