it is official.
setting a tiny bit of the record straight. sort of.

another reason to love the British

In addition to giving the world the delightful treat of strawberries and cream,* the British have also given the world Channel 4, which is by far the best and strangest of the globe's TV stations. (Note that my survey of the world's stations isn't exhaustive, just that I think it'd be hard to beat Channel 4.)

Right now, the channel is airing The F***ing Fulfords (their abbreviation, not mine), which is all about what happens when an English manor is in disrepair and people stop being polite and start getting real, but in a British way. So still polite.

Unfortunately, I'll probably never get to see the show, so I've been living vicariously through Anne at Creating Text(iles), who is on a research trip in the UK. Someday, I want to have a project that requires a research trip to the UK, but that's another story...

*Wimbledon starts this Monday, btw. I am counting the moments.


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