What is a mingo? And why is it blue?
fiber, no cows.


Last weekend, we hauled ourselves to the Meredith Dairy Fest, which has become something of a tradition 'round these parts. Not so much the Fest itself, mind you, but the big, white plywood cows that get scattered about the tri-county area advertising it. And not so much the cows, actually, but their theft, which prompts the annual letters to the editor in the local paper that remind residents to that cattle rustling is a low-down, dirty thing to do, even if the cows in question are made of wood. Somewhere, there is a frat house full of these cows.

This year was the first one we've been to. It's fun and all, but the weather was amazingly oppressive, even at 10 a.m. No matter how much shade we stayed in or ice cream (I had the privilege of buying a milkshake from this year's Dairy Prnicess) we ate, we couldn't stand it after an hour and a half. Fortunately, that gave the Diva enough time to investigate the animal tent and climb on some tractors. Fun, but could have been more fun if it were either ten degrees cooler or 30 percent less humid.

Some pixs will be dribbling out over the next few days. Here are the first few:

The view from the Fest. While Oneonta is certainly in the middle of nowhere, Meredith is in the middle of the middle of the nowhere. Scenic, tho, even when hazy.

In case you forgot which animal we were celebrating.

Chainsaw art. I wanted to take this little guy home, but the Hub stopped me. Sheesh. First, he won't let me have a wee house sheep. Now I've been denied a log bear cub. His cruelty knows no bounds.

Yes, I am that big. Yes, I was that hot. Mock not.

The Diva and the Hub. I love this picture, fyi.


What, no chainsaw-art-sheep?
THAT's what you really need. ;)

Mmmmm...chainsaw art sheep....
For some unknown reason, the chainsaw art guys only did bears, no matter how nicely you asked for something else. No sense of humor, the chainsaw art guys.
But I did get to see lots of sheep and quite a few freshly sheered alpaca. Mmmmm...alpaca. Pictures of the livestock and fiber on the 'morrow.

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