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Finally saw all of the Real World Austin premiere. While I don't care about the kids in the house and their drama (and here's a hint, kiddies, stop drinking, because you clearly don't know how to handle the demon rum), the video of the city makes me feel all gushy inside. It's been too long since I've strolled through Zilker, had some gingerbread pancakes at Kerby Lane or a 'rita on Trudy's deck. Until I can get my ass down there (preferably in, like, February or pre-SXSW March before summer starts again), I'll have to keep watching the show, simply because there are more fond memories associated with Austin than I'd imagined. I mean, I liked living there, but did know how nostalgic the footage would make me feel. Life is weird like that, eh?


Yeah, you need to get down here.

Either that, or I could pack up Austin and drive it up that way.

Hell, I'll even leave Leslie The Cross-Dressing Homeless Guy up there for you.

Ah, Leslie. I'd always just assumed that she had spent too much time in the sun without a hat. Then I met her doppleganger in Knoxville and realized that they must have a club full of Scary and Ineffective Cross-Dresser who Smell Vaguely of Urine to which Leslie and her twin belonged. Still, made me feel like I'd never left Austin to see another Leslie about.

And, yes, I'm working on getting there. Waiting is.

When you pack up Austin, be sure to leave the fist-sized roaches right where they are. Mooch really doesn't need the extra calories.

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