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Laura Miller takes on Dianetics. Heee:

Alas, it is not only individual words that can cause confusion. Perfectly clear words can be dragooned into sentences so grammatically torturous and incoherent that any meaning once inhabiting those words runs screaming from the wreckage.

Which reminds me of my college chum/roommate Trish, who once announced in an upper-level English class at the alma mater that she did "understand the words, just not in that particular order." I don't think the subject was L. Ron, however.

I'm not certain how much further this kid can drop and still be considered *in* my body. But I digress.

Also, Neil Gaiman, whose blog you should be reading, has discovered that if you simply google "Neil," you get him. The discussion touched off a certain Steve to start a campaign for better namesakes. I'm not certain whether or not to join. I mean, I could do worse. And I'm a fan of #3. So I think I'll stick for now.


For the record, I believe the topic was either Foucault or Derrida. More likely Derrida, because I eventually decided that Foucault's problem wasn't how he ordered his words, but rather how infrequently he used periods. Really, sentences weren't meant to go on for one page, let alone three.

Well, I've at least had lunch with the #1 Jesse, and he's a nice guy, so I guess I can't complain too much. I'm really surprised he's #1, though. Jackson? Owens? James?

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