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the Mooch stays in the picture

Mooch is the Zelig of cats. And I haven't the slightest idea how he does it. He's huge, to begin with, and mostly white. And loud. And did I mention the huge? Despite his shortcomings, he somehow manages to show up in pictures when I know for a fact that he isn't even in the house.

Witness exhibit A:


which was taken on the Diva's birthday. I know that I had just chased him outside and, yet, there he is, under the table.

Exhibit B:

Ditto on the just having chased outside -- in fact I could swear that he was on the other side of the sliding glass doors -- because if anyone likes packing peanuts more than the Diva, it is the Mooch.

I can't quite figure out if I'm losing it (always possible) or if he is the cat who walks through walls. Must go through other photos for evidence.

Until a verdict is reached, the Diva, on the day before her third birthday. Shame she's not cute or anything. 100_0637


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