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Muuuuch better night last night, wherein we all got a heck of a lot more sleep. Amazing how much difference a decent night can make. Currently, the new one is sleeping on the sofa beside me, since his bassinet suffered a bit of a hosing down. You know, everyone told us to always keep the penis covered when changing diapers, yet, clearly, that info failed to sink in.

At this point, it looks like this one's nickname will be Dude, as in "the Dude abides." Yes, he does get mighty pissy when hungry or gassy or tired (I mean, don't you?), but he is also pretty mellow thus far. (This will change now that I've dared mention it in public.) The Dude did let his sister run her favorite Thomas the Tank Engine all over his belly this morning with nary a peep. He just kept staring at her like she was the most interesting this ever. Great, someone else to worship She of the Most Pink.

(Note to the Baby Gods: I am not getting cocky. I know full well this could change in a heartbeat and he could become the most Demonic Newborn Ever. I am simply appreciating how he seems right now. Really. No need to send plague and pestilence.)

Speaking of the Diva, she got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. It was a homemade mermaid (scroll down) from Lynn. The Diva aboslutely loves it and insisted on sleeping with her new friend last night.


Her face usually isn't that red, but she'd just come in from a good romp outside in the 90+ heat.

Thank you so much for the gift, Lynn. You made us all pretty dang happy. Hopefully, this will offset your missing cat. Um, if you want another one, I can box up Mooch....

One more photo, then off to tend to the Dude, who seems to be stirring.


The Hub and the Dude as the Diva and I were doing the morning's routine stuff. Yes, it is blurrier than usual but I didn't want to risk a flash. While we are all adjusting and today is muuuuuch better, we are still all living with someone under a week old. A little more sleep would kick serious ass, but only if it could kick while we slept.


:-D Glad she arrived safely and the diva likes her!

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