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The OB visit went well. Still 5cms. Still ready to go at any time. Still convinced that this kid is never coming out. Um, that last one is just me. My OB is certain the kid will come out, which is reassuring.

The plan -- and those who know me know how much better I feel about my life when I have a plan -- is that if there is no spontaneous blessed event by Friday, then we shall force the issue that day. Honestly, I'm OK with this. The first one was induced (10 days late) and she has suffered no ill effects. Well, no ill effects from being induced, that is. I'm sure that there are years of therapy in her future because we are her parents ... but that's another issue. This one will be induced a little early, if it goes that way. Again, I'm fine with that.

Yes, yes, it's subverting the "natural course" of things. I have some problems with the natural course argument, simply because I'd probably be dead by now, by my own hand at some point or during childbirth when The Diva's big pumpkin head refused to move, if things were always allowed to progress as nature deemed fit. Perhaps this makes for a weaker species or maybe it makes for a smarter one. Probably both, frankly, and a billion other things as well. Regardless, I'm pleased to be here, even if I've had to rely on chemical/mechanical/"non-natural" means.

Anyway...that is the plan. And maybe Nemo takes after his mom and always likes to beat a deadline by a day or two. Unlikely, I know. Still, it *could* happen...


Oy. Hang in there. Stay air-conditioned.

Meantimes, just in case no one has alerted you, in the sudden and apparently permanent absence of Bubba Blab, there's a temporary yahoogroup at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xblab/.

p.s. Deadlines are made to be extended, not beaten.

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