Diva humor

some pixs

First, the silk scarf:


Please ignore the double chin. I'm retaining enough fluid right now to fill the Diva's kiddie pool.

Second, the Fitzgerald progress, as modeled by the Hub:


This is 2.5 skeins in. Size medium. And it's actually the back, not the front, but the Hub is not a contortionist.

Third, today's daylily, which is bright red:


Lastly, I finally got around to watching Sylvia yesterday. It had been sitting in its cheery Netflix envelope for the better part of three weeks. My review is "eh." It's not bad. Some moments, like the first two scenes on boats (the one with the cows and the one in the U.S.) and the development of her British downstairs neighbor, work well. But, mostly, it just feels too overdone, especially when Plath starts losing her shit. It's the violin/oboe orchestration that sent me over the edge from drama into melodrama. YMMV.

One lesson can be taken away, however. Two poets should never even try to have a romantic relationship. No good can come of it.


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