you forget other things, too

you forget how small they are

Sorry about the silence. I was off having a baby.

The details:

His first name is Cormac, which is an homage to a certain writer who grew up in a certain city that the Hub and I lived in for a spell. (If you get a chance, check out the over of this week's NYT book review, which features the work of another of my faves. Once I get it together, I may have to order a print.) There's more about the name and about kismet, but I feel a nap is in my immediate future, so I'll save that.

Weight: 7'14"
Length: 20"

All it took to start the labor rolling was breaking my water with the big crochet hook. Less than 8 hours later, we were done ... with that part at least. All things considered, it went quite well.


We can't tell if he's flashing a peace sign or tellling the Brits to sod off.


We have a picture of big sis looking exactly like this.

And speaking of...


So far, she approves.

Oh, and the hair and makeup support team hadn't been by yet, so forgive the hair and general pallor.

There is plenty more to tell and show, but it will all have to dribble out as time permits. In short, we are home again and in the settling out portion of the cruise. Mentally, I'm partly cloudy with a 60 percent chance of bursting into tears, but it isn't, like, crazy tears. Just a little weepier than usual and pleased as punch for him to be here. The whole newborn thing is easier this go-round so far. I could still use about 4 times more sleep, but it will happen. I hope.


Congratulations. He's beautiful, and I love the name. Waiting to see what nickname he'll end up with. We need something that will pair well with the Diva ...

Welcome to the world Cormac!

Congratulations to the rest of the family and happy babymoon Adrienne.

Hooray! Welcome Cormac! (Great name, BTW.) Glad all went well and hope that you all settle in as well as can be expected. Can't wait to see more pics (but I'll wait patiently). :) Katy

Oh my, he IS gorgeous. And I'm going to go with "sod off." Handsome, plus attitude.

Speaking of good looks, no one is allowed to have hair and makeup done shortly after having given birth. Please.

Congratulations on the handsome young man, and keep those pictures coming. And may sleep be in all of your futures, in spades.

All sorts of good wishes--Welcome, Cormac!

Wait, you have a kid? Two?! When did this happen?

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