Thursdays are when the wheels come off
unexpected response

I'm sorry. What?

The sleep situation, while it is improving, is still not ideal. Again, this is not unexpected (he's not even 3 months old yet) and is manageable, but the continued deprivation means that not only have my proofreading skills gone to hell, but that I also can't remember anything for more than a few seconds. I now understand how a parent of more than one will occasionally misplace a child or forget to wear pants. And I have completely given up on callling anyone by his or her actual name.

So here is a more disjointed than usual set of links, full of things that I've intended to link to (I think) but keep forgetting about. I'm sure there are more. Maybe. Or not. I'm sorry. DId you say something?

1) Serentiy the movie opens today and the Browncoats have been active in the Oneonta area. I've now spotted two Xeroxed flyers in different locations. Whomever you are, I salute your efforts. My dearest wish (well, right now) is that the movie does well enough to keep Joss and crew in all of the crullers they can consume. Plus, I want a sequel, simply because I loves me some Fillion. Sadly, the Hub and I won't make it to the film this week. It'll happen soon, tho.

2) I can't remember what was supposed to go here. So, something shiny, instead. Next time I have some spare cash lying around (heh.), I'm getting one of these.

3) While I admire the Jones Soda ethos, I don't understand why they keep putting together holiday packs. The Candy Corn, my favorite holiday treat EVER, intrigues me. Not enough to drink it, mind.

I now give up on trying to figure out what else I meant to tell you. Oh, yeah, the ponchos that Martha is selling look like something you'd pull off of your dryer's lint screen. Maybe that's just me.

4) This should have been #2. It came to me in a flash. The Amazing Race Family-style kicked off this week. I'm a huge AR fan, granted, but wasn't sold on the idea of a family race that stayed in the U.S. I'm warming up to it, tho, mostly because they are exploring all of the out of the way touristy crap that I've always wanted to have the time to see. It's a lark of a show that isn't nearly as griping as the regular series, but still has its amusements. Again, tho, I have to point out that if you know you're going to be on AR, why wouldn't you take a week and learn how to read a frickin' map? Come on, people.

Now, more coffee. Eventually, photos of the finished Springtime Oreo sweater. Maybe. If I can recall where the camera is.


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