Bad Mommy
a justificaiton for my small attention span

much better

Thursday, admittedly, was a sucky day. By Friday, life became vaguely amusing again.

Example 1: Friday night. While I was giving the Diva her bath, the Hub came upstairs bearing her pink rubber boot. "Look inside," he said and pointed the mouth of the boot at me. Since it is currently spider season and all of our dark crannies are full of them, I expected to see one cowering in the boot. Instead, there was a thin little tail and a fluffy mouse rump. Mooch, the cat voted most likely to irritate the crap out of you, had brought it in from the outside and cornered it in a convenient boot. Even after Scott chucked the mouse back outside, where it landed with a cartoonish squeak, Mooch spent the better part of the night looking for it.

Example 2: I keep finding stuffed animals in the pantry. According to the Diva, that is where their bedroom is. One of these mornings, when I'm reaching for the cereal at 5:30 a.m., I'm going to find out what a bejeezus looks like, because those little beady plastic eyes are going to scare it out of me.

Example 3: The Diva has spent the last week looking for the moon, since it has been visible during the day. Every time she spies it, she says "it's just so beautiful." The exception was yesterday, when I mentioned that it was only half a moon right now. "Oh," she said, "it must be broken."

Maybe you had to be there.


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