further proof that I have a head full of useless knowledge
Hallowe'en shenanignas

Daylight savings is STUPID

First, a thing I like. It looks like VH1 will be bringing back the great and hysterical Bands on the Run. I know! It made my day, too.

Second, I would like to again mention how much I hate, hate, hate daylight savings time. Not only does it screw up my internal clock, it really screws up the internal clocks of the children, which screw mine up even more. I have spend the last two days feeling like doom is about to visit us -- I'm especially dreading Trick or Treating tonight because of lingering feelings of unease. I know that this isn't because I'm psychic and there will be doom. Just that I'm so very tired and discombobulated because my clock has been messed with. Grrrrrr.

Third, please consider adding input to the book list.

Fourth, the Diva has started declaring everything "stupid." Like her special dress-up shoes, which dared trip her. She tossed them in the bathroom after their transgression. As she tossed, she said "These shoes are STUPID." I don't know how I feel about this new language. I mean, I have a tendency to call things stupid at times. It just feels so weird when it comes out of her mouth. Of course, I'm too tired to deal with it, so I suspect everything will be STUPID before long. Now there's something to look forward to.


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