Silly time waster


Cat Bib: a new way to piss off the Mooch. Heh.

Like any such project, the Time magazine list of top 100 all-time novels is subjective and pretty dang arbitrary. Still, it seems to have picked up a lot of the titles that I think should be on such a list. Except for all of that dang Nabokov. Lolita is one of the few books that I've started at least half a dozen times but never managed to finish. On the plus side, the list does include Snow Crash, Watchman and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, indicating that the assemblers can admit that books that aren't ever taught in ivy-covered halls still have some value.

Someone else sees the wonder that is the Amazing Race's Carissa Gaghan. And, if you watched last night's episode, you just have to love this observation: When DJ finally bungee jumped at the Fast Forward, I’d say he screamed like a little girl, except that’s sexist and insulting to Carissa, who’d never scream like that.

Finally, the best news I've heard this week. Steven Brust has written a Firefly novel. Now who do I have to bribe to make sure it gets published?


If Mooch needs a Cat bib, Electra would be glad to volunteer her "skirt." It was this inverted-cone-shaped collar the vet put on her after she got fixed. She HATED it.

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