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Random Wednesday, now with crafts

The Hub and I are now the "proud" owners of a used minivan. "Proud" is in quotes simply to convey quasi-sarcasm. I mean, it's a minivan. While it's a cool Honda Odyssey-type minivan with doors that open at the touch of a button, it is still, fundamentally, a minivan, no matter how cool the commercial is. I'd be PROUD to announce that we now owned a snazzy sportscar or Cooper Mini. With the Honda, I'm just "proud." Still, it'll be nice to have room for the children and all of their crap.

On my next syllabus for the writing section I teach at Hartwick, I shall add a proviso about Touching Narratives. If the monkeys are going to turn in late papers, I might as well find some amusement in the inconvenience.

Basil the cat says Happy Fall. And, speaking of, The Hub and I are officially in a stand-off with the crisp evening air. Our goal is to not turn the heat on until Nov. 1, no matter how dang chilly it gets. We shall persevere, even if there is ice on the inside of the windows. We shall not be cowed into submission by frostbite.

And speaking of fall, two projects that I must complete in order to celebrate the season: a monster wreath and some knitted gourds. I don't think I'll get them done for this Fall, mind you, but they are now officially on the to-be-crafted list.

The next person who looks at me queerly when I mention that the Dude's name is Cormac will be directed here, which is the modern English transcription of Good King Cormac's instructions on life. My father will find irony in the fact that Good King Cormac's first set of instructions involve the ale-house.

Finally, I've long been of the opinion that parents should be more or less left alone when it comes to their choices. Your kid(s) is(are) your problem, not mine, as long as your choices aren't actively dangerous. Elimination Communication, which a good friend of mine used with her first born, is one of those types of choices. I find it odd, frankly, and horrifically time consuming, but it makes no difference to me what said good friend chooses to do with her kid. I'll have to find out what she thinks of this Slate piece about how EC is keeping the mommy down.


it's going to snow and drop to 27 degrees F next week. good luck with the no heat thing

I failed to mention that we're more than willing to harvest some Mooch oil to burn once it drops below freezing. It's about time we were paid back for all of the food he has eaten.

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