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three months on


The Diva at 3 months.


The Dude at 3 months.

Note similarities: Big, punkin' heads. No hair. Big grins. But rest assured that they are night and day, personality-wise. It's trip, really, that the same basic genes can make such different kids.

The three-month mark holds true with this one, too. The Dude is settling in and seems genuinely pleased to be here. Gone is the cranky newborn who simply wants to return to the state of having every last thing provided. Now he's interested in the world. And sleeping more regularly, which may color my interpretation of how he is as a baby. A little of both, I suspect.

In other news,


Trout is freezing.

We did cave last week and turn the heat on. And just in time -- tonight's weather may include snow. Right now, it is alternating between cold, cold rain and sleet. Since I have today off (and just got back from my first yoga class in a year (I'd forgotten how wonderful it is, frankly)), my goal is to make pumpkin cake and Cinicinnati chili. Yum.


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