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VCR alert

As further proof that all roads lead to Knoxville, my favorite baker/fiddle player of all time will be competing in the Food Network's Cupcake Challenge. If you have a second, flip through one of her galleries, like the wedding cakes and kid's cakes. What the pictures don't tell you is how mind-blowingly delicious Peg's cakes are. Every major event in my Knoxville life was celebrated with one of these cakes -- if I can find the pictures of it, the cake she "tossed together" for the Diva's shower was stunning -- and I still dream of snacking on one. With apologies to Jenny's mom, Peg's white frosting is so blessedly good that I still have fantasies of asking her to FedEx a batch to me so that I may smear it on every possible edible surface in my house.

And, yes, I've already set up my DVR.


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