if it's Tuesday, i must be ill
Merck must be thrilled

another day, another z-pack

Today was my Waterloo.

Admittedly, when I woke up this morning, I felt like death on a cracker. But I am tough. And sturdy. I sincerely thought I could get through my classes, at the very least. I firmly believed that I could made amazing progress on a few freelance pieces. Remember: I have given birth to two children. I will not be undone by a little illness.

About 15 minutes into class #1, I started to wonder if I could lecture while lying down. I mean, I was already sitting, because standing took waaaaaaay too much work. Lying down was the next logical step. Five minutes after that, even assembling the simplest of sentences, was impossible. I gave up -- not completely, mind. I just ended that class early and thought if I had a bit of a lie down, I'd be OK for the next.

While walking back to Scott's office, I realized I couldn't even do that, phoned my doc, went to the next class long enough to hand back exams and give an assignment and briefly considered asking a couple of my strong lacrosse playing students if they'd carry me to my car.

In short, it appears that the entire inside of my head is infected. Ew. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't also feel like someone had sucked out every last bit of energy that I have ever possessed ever.

I am spent.

Carry on without me.


I'll carry on. (I LOVE to carry on!) But I hope you feel better soon. And that you are sleeping at this very minute. ;)

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