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bad. very, very bad.

Currently, I'm in a state of shock. I think it's dead, Jim, and it's like I lost a limb.

Check it -- I was making cookie dough in my trusty Kitchen Aid mixer this afternoon. Because I got cocky, I stuck a spoon in to scrape the sides down without turning off the motor. The paddle hit the spoon and stopped. Dead. Oh, the pain.

Now there is a horrible, horrible noise -- a metal on metal sort of noise -- whenever you can get the motor to actually engage. Mostly, though, there is nothing. Just silence. Oh, the pain.

On the plus side, I didn't release the magic blue smoke. But, still, the prognosis is rather gray. I just want to sob.


Ouch...I'm trying not to imagine something similar happening to my own Kitchen Aid.

That is a mighty blow. A moment of respectful silence....

I'm over the shock enough to think about the next step. There isn't a repair place around here but I could drive over an hour to Elmira for an estimate. Or I could pony up the $25 Kitchen Aid wants to look at it, then give me an estimate. Or I could just buy a new one, making sure that I get one that I can use my now spare bowl, paddle, dough hook and wisk with.


Dork that I am, I once thought it'd be a GREAT idea to scrape down a blender with a wooden spoon while the blender was running. Not quite as tragic a result as that which happened to your KitchenAid. Except for the wooden spoon. And for the hummus laced with splinters.

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