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if it's Tuesday, i must be ill

It's turning into *that* winter, one in which we can't seem to string together more than two days in a row where everyone is healthy. The Dude is recovering from an ear infection (and teething (joy)); I now have a sore throat and my voice is all quiet. This morning, the Diva developed a hacking cough. By my calculations, Scott will get sick on Friday. And The Dude will be ill again on Monday. And on. And on.

I blame the silly weather. Some actual snow would smother all of these damn germs. Yeah. I'm talking to you, Old Man Winter.

On the plus side, I finally caved and went to McDonalds after class, simply because they have *drum roll* my beloved Shamrock Shake on tap right now. While the dairy is doing nothing positive about my phlegm situation, the creamy minty goodness is making me care less about the state of my head. Mmmmmm.

Also on the plus side, Slate explains something I've suspected for quite some time now. As it turns out, TV isn't as bad for kids as the experts would have you believe.

And on makes you go 'hmmmm' side, Typepad has a nifty feature where I can see what brought different people to the blog. (Most blog host-type thingies have this, but I'm most familiar with this one.) I want to know why folks who use are always searching for something pornographic. Always. Unless there are meanings of the word "twat" that I am unfamiliar with. Anyone else find this to be true?

In keeping with the above, a few comments:

-- The former Top Model spells her name "Adrianne," not "Adrienne." And, no, I don't know anything about Bobby Brady.

-- You will not find any pictures of a nekkid Ewan McGregor here. If I had any, I *so* wouldn't share. I will, however, offer one piece of McGregor trivia, which is that I am almost exactly 24 hours old than him.

-- I still haven't any crossbow plans. Stop asking.


Hah! Glad I got the crossbow plan nuts over to your blog.

BTW, found this link for you:

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