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Merck must be thrilled

Dear gods of plague and pestilence,

You win.

Clearly, your goal was to make sure that 3/4 of the humans in the house were on some sort of antibiotic. Quorum has been achieved. Your will is mighty. I scrape in your general direction.

Fortunately, we caught the Diva's ear infection before she became truly sick and unbearable. We are becoming wiser monkeys, thanks to you, oh plague and pestilence.

I would, however, like to do something other than whimper feebly while collapsed on the couch. It'd be nice to stay awake long enough to read the paper. I do appreciate the time you've given me to type this. I do. Thank you.

Message received, oh wise and benevolent gods. I shall scale back. Could you now turn your mighty wrath elsewhere? Say, to the Mooch? Seriously, oh gods. He could stand a smiting.

I humbly admit defeat,

PS -- one benefit of your ministration is that I got to read this article about a quantum computer that solved a problem before it was even asked. Given that my feeble brain -- even on its best days -- can only just barely come to grips with light being both a wave and a particle, this whole thing has left me gobsmacked.


Re: the computer, I guess they'll have to build an even better one to figure out what the question is now, won't they?

Oddly enough, that remark is a variation on what Scott said after I read the headline to him.

Well, I guess it's not "odd," really. to be expected, I guess, given that we've all read the books and know them by heart. Um, nevermind.


Having worked at U of I, I can truly say that they do odd things there. When your university is a million miles from nowhere in the middle of a cornfield, you have lots of time on your hands. I guess.

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