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if it's Tuesday, i must be ill


*LOL* Re: the Diva. You may want to take a look at my office mate Lisa's blog http://blog.case.edu/lac20, her son Nico only recently decided to poo in the pot after application of a little positive peer pressure.

I love the poop column! Such a (stinky) slice of real life with baby, toddler, and cats. My kids are 4, 6, and 10 now, and I'm tempted to pun, "This too shall pass," but I remember feeling at those times like I'd punch anyone who said that. So, umm...best of luck with cat boxes, the Diva, and the Dude.

Thanks for the luck. And, really, at this point, I don't mind it so much when parents of older kids remind me that this will pass. Any stage tends to pass, I know -- and have found myself saying it to folks with their first infant. Still, I could stand to move on to something a little less ... organic.

I have tried the positive peer pressure thing, actually. And it works as long as that older kid is in the house. When they leave -- poof! The Diva is a puzzle.

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