more in a moment I suspect


The next Sew? I Knit project has been announced and it is "a bag."

I've already picked a pattern. It's this one (Butterick B4248):

Except mine will be done in colors that aren't so ... pastel. My current plan is to use some Amy Butler Fat Quarters because I love them. You may not. But it is my bag. So there.

Um...moving on...

I chose the bag I did because I have been inspired to try quilting by Ms Shelley, whose baby quilt for Maddy is now in Cory's room. I stare at it every night as I convince him to sleep. I still love it.

This bag seems like a low-committment way to give it a try.

One day, when I know what things like "Heavy Duty Template Plastic" and "wide extra-heavy stabilizer" are, I want to make this. Right now, tho, the very idea scares me. I'll have to live vicariously through SAL Cyndi.

Oh -- and another quick note that is completely unrelated to bags. Other kids of the '80s will be thrilled to learn that the greatest piece of film about rollerskates will be coming to an off-Broadway theatre soon. I lack proper words to describe my feelings.


Xanadu? One of Melissa's cousins was an extra in that, IIRC.

I am very flattered indeed, dear friend. Quilting is really fun, although I confess that Linnea's quilt was my last big project. Need to get on with that myself.

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