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'ella fun

Not only can you play with your Elefun in the traditional way, where you try to catch the butterflies with the nets, you can also just have a blast putting the nets on things that need to be netted.

Like Trout:


And yourself:



Ah, the things that keep us amused.

In other news, the dead Kitchen Aid mixer will not be used as a unique garden ornament this summer. The folks who make them do run a program where you pay a small fee, which is all-inclusive in terms of shipping and labor, and they will take a look at it. Turns out, fixing said mixer will be $40, which is completely reasonable.

Oh -- and their diagnoses was that I blew a gasket.

I should have it back by next week. Cookies for everyone!


w00t! for the zombie mimxer!

I like chocolate chip, please.

Me want cookies too. Glad it's fixable... I did the same thing with my Kitchen Aid Kitchen Center mixer, which was NOT fixable, but the blender, food processor et. al. still work. And then I had an excuse to go out and buy the heavy Kitchen Aid mixer like yours :)

Talk soon--


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