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Just found out that one of my former students died over the weekend. Details are non-existent, currently, but theories are many. It's just sad when someone who is so very young is dead and when she had graduated recently enough that a lot of her friends are still here and grieving. More later, if I can think of anything more substantial to say other than, "Wow. That sucks."

From death to birth...

For some reason, today seems to be the day for links to baby-related news. Skip at your discretion.

First, Sydney Spiesel weighs in on the benefits of breastfeeding. They aren't what you think. And his approach to the topic is refreshingly dogma-free.

Second, the NYT takes on induced labor. From my perspective, if it weren't for induction, the Diva would still be in there. But, YMMV.

Third, one of the links at the bottom of that NYT story is for a piece on the competition between mother and fetus based on evolutionary factors. It's interesting work.


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