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I have spent most of the morning wondering what I am forgetting. It feels like there was *something* I was supposed to do, but I can't figure out what it might have been. I do know where my kids are, so I'm not overly worried that I have abandoned them someplace. So there's that.

I suspect this has to do with Hartwick being on Spring Break right now. I would normally be teaching now, so maybe my unease is simply a vestigal urge to be in a classroom. I doubt it, tho. That would be so unlike me.

While I try to sort it out, three things:

One -- to the person who found the blog by searching for "Vera Brittain Testament of Youth Cliff Notes" I'd like to simply say "read the damn book already."

Two -- I spent most of my last month of high school making an incredibly long gum wrapper chain. I'd actually work on it during most of my classes, largely because I no longer gave a crap about high school and knew I was going to graduate regardless of performance. I am still amazed that I did as well as I did that last term and that all of my teachers let me work on said gum wrapper chain. Anyway, I was thrilled to stumble upon this how-to guide from the world gum wrapper chain record holder. Good thing I don't chew gum anymore.

Third -- In the circles in which I run, the beer of choice is frequently one from Magic Hat. One of the great things about this brand -- other than the beer itself and their Monty Python meets Myst website -- are the bottlecaps, which a friend has been collecting. I've been scanning about to find ways to display them and think that some of these ideas might have promise. Can anyone think of anything else?


Hmmm. Bottle caps. In one of my past cubicled existences, I had a heck of a plastic soda bottle collection. I made a little castle out of them on my shelf - complete with a post-it note drawbridge. The idea was that I would submit it for the Dilbert cubicle art contest, but I never got around to it and then they did away with the contest.

Hey, what are yinz doing for the Allegheny reunion re: lodging? All the motels are booked except smoking rooms. The Riverside Inn up in Cambridge Springs has 2 and 3 bedroom suites, thought we could share. Lemme know.

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