my husband will mock
'ella fun

you give me fever

The Diva is sick. It's weird, though. She really just has a high fever and the slightest of runny noses. Yesterday morning, there was a brief "disgusting" episode, then nada. I mean, she's certainly not herself -- but the fever seems to be the worst of it. Odd.

Anyway -- blogging will be light.

But, first, from the Duh Department: A new study was just released that strongly indicates that treating a mom's depression gives her kids a much, much smaller chance of being depressed as well, and that a mom's depression has a huge impact on the well-being of the rest of the family. Well slap my arse and call me fanny. Who would have thunk it?

Next week: a groundbreaking study on how throwing things up in the air almost always ends with them falling back down.


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