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actual knitting content: the Fitzgerald

I bet you thought I'd forgotten. Rest assured that I have a mind like a steel trap. Heh.

The Hub's Fitzgerald is done. But first, a brief recap:

The swatching, which began shortly before the birth of the boy. The back, a week later. Some pieces at the start of 2006.

And now:

The pre-blocking bath, which makes the sweater look like it's dancing.


The pins.


And the finished product.



If I were feeling more anal or ever knit another one, which is unlikely because I so hate to repeat myself and the miles of stockinette were making me a little crabby, I would make the body longer, simply because the Hub isn't wide but is very long. (ahem.) If I were doing it again, I'd also pay better attention to the shoulder and neck shaping and joining. Not because the pattern is unclear or difficult, but because I can't reliably count to two or mattress stitch.

And how are your UFOs?


Hey, that chick in the last picture has a hot butt!

Hey - That's enough out of you!

Does the Boyfriend Sweater Curse not apply once you're married?

I don't think that the Boyfriend Sweater Curse applies once it's all legal and stuff. Besides, if the Hub hasn't run screaming yet, he seems unlikely to because of handknits. YMMV.

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