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I'm sorry...what?

Having one of those days where it is really difficult to concentrate on much of anything. Which sucks, because I have lots of anything to get through this week and need as much of my brain as possible. Feh.

Not sure why this is happening. Could be the fact that the wee people in the house require us to get up with them six or seven times per night for no discernable reason, other than to assure said wee people that the big people haven't packed up and moved to Guam under cover of darkness. Tho we have been tempted.

I also have boatload of stuff causing boatloads of anxiety. But it's all that kind of free-floating (book. soon. exposure. scary.) anxiety, rather than something specific (clowns in public). I've given it all too much space in my head, I suspect. Still. Here we are.

I mostly think it's the lack of sleep, tho.

I could do with a trip to this particular thingy in Maine. Who is with me?

I could also do with a donut and cup o' joe. And my man Seth Stevenson explains why DD will always kick the heiner of KK.

Phil Keoghan's blog (if you don't know who he is simply when you see the name, you probably aren't a big enough fan of The Amazing Race to a) hang with me because this is how I roll, homie or (more importantly) b) care about his blog) is amusing and so much of a distraction right now that I've had to close the window and pretend that it doesn't exist, lest its shininess distract me. Ooooh. Pretty.

No word on when Browsie will get his own blog, however.

Now -- work.


I have just returned from my own trip to Guam, i.e. five years of major sleep deprivation from my little ones. What is UP with that? It is so killer! But finally, finally, I am getting (mostly) uninterrupted sleep. Hang in there!
And I'll join you on the retreat. :)
And I went to see the Yarn Harlot speak this weekend, so I was thinking of meeting you at her talk last year. When you had a nice big belly. Time flies!

What nationality is Phil anyway? The accent seems to go in and out.

matthew -- Phil is a New Zealander, which is why the accent is so odd. You don't hear them that much.

Katy -- sorry I missed the Harlot. I briefly pondered a drive up there but just couldn't get all of the logistics hammered out. Oh, the logistics. The belly -- thankfully -- is no more. Mostly. I know I will sleep again and most nights aren't bad. But last night we shall never again speak of.

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