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So on Sunday, the whole fan damily gussied up and went to a dedication service (which is what the Unitarians do instead of a baptism sort of thing) for a friends' kids. Maddy got to wear her favorite dress ever. The Boy had on a natty new spring ensemble, one of the few things that fits him right now. Scott wore his standard dress-up duds. And I gave the skirt I made its first official outing, despite the fact that I had to pin the waist a bit so that it would not fall down and the fact that my blouse didn't quite hide my second baby pooch. Ah, well.

So after the service, which was lovely, btw, there was cake and general socializing. Even though the Hub and I are godless heathens, we did know lots of folks in attendance. During said social time, the most delighfully odd thing occured. A woman who I didn't know but who looked friendly came up to me. "Are you Adrienne Martini?" she asked.

"I am," I replied. Because I am.

This will happen every now and again, because I am just so gosh-durned famous.


It happens every now and again because I write a column for the local paper -- the most recent one is hereand my picture runs with it. Or the person knows my husband. Or my kids. Oneonta's pretty small.

"I read your blog," she said. My assumption at this point was that she was directed to it by a mutual friend, the one whose kids' dedication we were there for. "I found it," she said, "from Katie Allison Granju's blog. I went to UT, too."

And so we chatted about Knoxville and parenting. Somehow, the topic of how she recognized me came up. Turns out, she identified the skirt, which is just a kick in the head. In a good way.

Which just goes to show you that you just never know who is reading. To those of you I don't know in some personal way, hello. Don't be a stranger.

And to Kate S. (or other Oneontans so inclined) I say, "do you knit? Would you like to learn? We have an informal group if you'd like to stop by drop me an email..."


Fun story and great column.

I hate to break it to you, but the insanity of wildness of 4 is not limited by gender. :-S

Never fear--we Unitarians can be godless heathens, also. :)
And you should get used to getting recognized soon; you'll be doing book readings this summer, no?

I hope I'll be doing book readings this summer. I'll know more after a trip to "the city" on the 19th. If there's nothing official, everyone can just come to my house and I'll read to you.

It's not so much that someone recognized me -- but how they recognized me. I tend to think that no one would want to read the blog unless they knew me irl. I know cyberpace is vast and wide, but it still feels small somehow.

And, yup, I know the Unitarians can be godless heathens. I love the sense of community in the church, but know that I'd never be able to get there on Sunday mornings.

Radmama: Oh. Good. Can't wait for #2 to do the same. Woo.

So, it's me -- Kate S. I had hesitated to admit that I read your blog without knowing you at all. I almost felt as if I were saying, "so I was rifling through your drawer of unmentionables the other day..."

And I do knit. Or I did. I was hoping to get back to it and almost went by Knitting It All Together for a projects class a few weeks ago. But if I can hook up with a stitch (or knit) and bitch group, so the much the better!

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