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So I was thinking about this in the shower this morning -- I would be a great warm-up act for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka The Yarn Harlot.

The reasons are multi-fold and run thusly:

1) I like Stephanie. Far as I know, the feeling is mutual. And the hilarious hijinks we could get up to out on the open road (or, errr, yarn shop) could be the stuff of legend.

2) I like to knit. Stephanie does, too.

3) I have kids. Ditto, but she has more and I haven't the slightest idea how she's made it through three with both mind and body intact.

4) While she writes mostly about knitting and her life, I write mostly about my life with occasional dips into knitting. Both of us tend to seek out the universal truths in our chosen subject matter and how said truths can be approach with riotous humor, lest we all go mad.

5) I suspect, but have no hard data, that there would be a fair amount of overlap in our audiences. Her audience is united by yarn and the knitting (and, for the truly odd, crocheting) of same. My audience, if there is such a thing, either knows/is related to crazy people and/or has kids. I'm thinking our cohorts may mesh.

(5a) Yes, I will admit that her audience is much, much bigger than mine and my suggestion re: me as an opening act is self-promoting and a blatant play to increase my own reader pool. But this is a small thing. Mostly, I'd like to be able to warm up the crowd for the Harlot and drink beers with her. Anything else is gravy.

6) Um....we both have unruly curly hair and husbands in unusual careers. I am, however, much taller. And not Canadian.

Any thoughts from the assembled? Should I have Steph's people take a lunch with my people and has out the knitty (heh) gritty? Or should I have let the idea run down the drain?


My audience, if there is such a thing, either knows/is related to crazy people and/or has kids.

Don't forget the actual crazy people.

Ah, yes. The actual crazy people. My core market. Sadly, most of them aren't allowed out long enough to come to readings. And I can't gaurantee that a reading by moi is worth the effort of gnawing through the straps...

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