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shameless self promotion, part 227 in a series

New Austinmama column is live. Welcome to the Suck. And, for you Oneontans, a different version will run in the almost-daily in two weeks. While there was no editorial decree, I strongly suspect that the local audience might be more sensitve to my flagrant use of "suck."

In other news, I'm pondering professional help. No, not like that. It's just that I now have redesign envy because I've been looking at Sing Cuccu's site and am of a mind to see what her designer would propose for moi. Of course, I also know about a dozen web monkeys who are wonderous in their own right but don't want to bother them for something so small. Thoughts?


Glad you like it. :) I'm probably going to have her do over another of my blogs (which has been inactive for design reasons).

Don't know if you have a budget, but I've got lots of connections in that area.

Budget? What is this budget that you speak of? I might be able to buy them a six-pack.

Cuccu -- what are your other blogs?

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