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Thanks to allison's the blue blog, I now know that there is such a thing as a "knitting mystery." Which now leads me to these questions -- who is the packager putting these things together and how can I get my resume to them? I promise that I will not pull a Viswanathan.

In related news, my new wacky plan to amuse and confuse my friends is to knit up odd items, fling them in the mail and surprise those I know. Who wouldn't love a box full of nauties? Or aliens? Or uteri? Anyone wanna help with the knittin'? And if you have a birthday coming up, consider yourself warned.

As for my current knitting projects, I am at a standstill. There is this sock, see, and I can't seem to finish it. Ditto the scarf. And we shall not speak of the sweater. This does not keep me from planning projects that I'll never get to. I am nothing if not an optomist.

In completely unrelated news: given my love for Anthony Bourdain and the wacky goings-on in the restaurant kitchens that I have known, I have no problem laughing like a jaded waitron at this story. It's a wonder it doesn't happen *more* frequently.


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